Vulcanet® is the best-selling car wash product in Europe and has obtained global invention patent and received several innovation awards. The invention of Vulcanet makes cleaning auto so easy and without the limit of the location, weather or tools. It also replaces many of the cleaning products in the market.

Vulcanet® is a cleaning wipe made from special formulated solvent. It can effectively clean a variety of different type of dirt and stains without using a drop of water. It can be used anywhere inside and outside of the car. During cleaning,  Vulcanet® also leaves a protective layer to keep the car as shiny as new.


For over 10 years research and development, Frenchmen Erik Bernisson finally introduced Vulcanet® to the motor world in 2008. After 10 impressive years in Europe, Vulcanet® has finally reached to Hong Kong. Our passion hasn't changed a bit in years, we continue to change the cleaning of motor the way had never been before.

Vulcanet® is an all-in-one, effective cleaner for most of the auto parts including body finishing, rims, tyres, plastic and chrome parts, engine compartments, window, glass and interior. A simple bottle of magic wipe  can replace a dozen car wash products in the market. It is truly the "waterless car wash" cleaner for every car, motorcycle, and bicycle owner would love to have.